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Well, just got a bit excited about the '92 for parts I had in the garage. Finally after a going through, its running. its a little tricky to drive, as it has a basket 'o' chain for a seat, the tank behind you in the cab, a bad slave that has to be pumped, only a front drive shaft, and the exhaust fell off halfway through the test drive... :yes:


( Background story on the '92: http://www.comancheclub.com/forums/view ... =3&t=19547 )


It was sitting for a couple years, so I:


Pulled the valve cover

Pulled the plugs

Got it turning by hand

Changed the oil

Pulled the distributor

Primed the oil pump with the fresh oil

Reinstalled the distributor

Put plugs in

Put Valve cover back on

Test fired with some gas down the throttle body

Rigged up a gas tank in the cab




Here are some pics of the truck, tank, and progress:






Some videos:




This truck is donating its drivetrain to the '90 LWB in the driveway for an H.O. conversion, and some more power. The '92 only has 87,000 Miles, but its lead a hard life, thanks to a redneck previous owner who beat the crap out of it, and tipped it on its side. The P.O. beat and abused it, so I wanted to run through it to make sure the condition of the outside of the truck would not reflect the condition of the drivetrain. He had been starting it in gear and powershifting it to drive it around, then blew the rear u-joint and had the bright idea to just pull the rear shaft and put it in 4x4. Too bad he was too dumb to know what a slip yolk was, lost all the t-case fluid, and toasted the t-case. But, after the rundown, and the trip up and down the block with some improvising, looks like the drivetrain is in good form, and it runs great!



Rob L. jamminz.gif

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is there a write up in the diy section for that gas tank upgrade?


I can, if anyone wants me to... Its not exactly D.O.T. rated though...


Pretty easy to do, the tank was out because the PO was prepping it for the scrap heap, so I already had the pump out. What I did:


Unplugged rear harness

Pulled it up into the cab

Got 5 feet of 3/8's and 5/16ths High Pressure Fuel injection hose and clamps

Ran new lines off of the hard lines and into cab

Got a bucket with a spout

Ran everything through the spout, lines, and harness

Hooked up the pump/sender on the other side of lid

Dropped whole assembly with .5 gals of gas in

Closed the lid tight and duct taped for fumes around spout

Grounded the rear harness where the tail light connection would be


It worked great for what I needed it for. I am contemplating putting a RENIX pump in the bucket, and leaving everything attached and together... Would make it easy to move an MJ with a junk pump or no tank.


Rob L. :nuts:

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Me too. I went out and checked.. All seems well... All the mounts look decent, the trans mount looked a little cockeyed... But thats it... Maybe it has to do with only running on the front shaft?


Rob L. :dunno:

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You are surprised she runs half way decent? The 4.0 will keep on running even if upside down, without oil, under water, while the driver holds on for dear life!!!


Congrats on the "fire". Always nice to hear them roar to life.

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