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My 400$ MJ- Rhode Island

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Finally found an MJ that was cheap and not a total basket case that would cost me less then $1000

ended up costing me 450$ after the tow

specs - 1991 MJ 4.0L 5spd 166k miles New radiator and brake lines frame look great

First things to do- Clean out interior, Freeze plugs and fix brakes

then rust repair on body bed. Floors are not bad but I will need a patch or two I am sure


Rust isn't too bad rockers, and some here and there on the bed.







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I am located in East Greenwich / North Kingstown area. Where you guys all from in RI?


Yes that was the add you pm'd me I already owned it at the point in time. I bought it on the 28th. Thanks for the help though.

The truck is from ashaway. She used it to haul hay and it was her sons first vehicle before that. They had owned it for about 7years.


I would love to know what the name of the color jeep uses there so I could paint it close to stock coloring when I start all the body work.

Anyone know what jeep color that is?

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  • 4 months later...

Well havent updated at all so Ill list of the stuff I have gotten done.


New exhaust all the way including the down pipe, cat, exhaust and tail pipe.


New front brake calipers, drivers side was sticking randomly.

Re adjusted the e-brake and rear drums.

Replaced all the lugs since some were missing

Pulled all the injectors and found out they were all extremely clogged from sitting, cleaned out most but #5 injector was unable to get clean so I replaced it. Fuel rail and pin holes and was leaking like crazy after cleaning it. Was leaking around fuel pressure regulator. Got one from the local junk yard and also picked up a few vacuum lines as mine were shot.


Put on a new valve cover gasket which solved the biggest leak but still have a small RMS leak.


Got a new freeze plug in and truck is running at temp fine. No leaks.


Started on the body work filled and pulled some dents and ground down some rust and treated it. Had to remove some cancer over the drivers side rear wheel, still need to weld in a patch.


Quickly primed the box and gate, need to do some work on the tail gate handle anyone ever try to work on these and have some tips?



Also picked up some doors local, swapped out the panels and put in new speakers today during the rain.


Have a set of grey door panels and arm rest in nice shape if anyone wants them free local or for shipping cost. They are just missing the speaker covers and could use some cleaning.



Still looking for a rear bumper, headliner and a maroon dash.

List of things left to do

New front ujoints

Body work on the nose


line bed with upol

new rims/tires then lift

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I'm assuming two door panels right? I'm interested... How much to get them shipped to 29715?




P.S. If it's too much trouble to pack those, then just sell them local, but if it's not too much let know!


Thanks again

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