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  1. This truck is listed on facebook marketplace now. looks like they put in a drivers side floor and up'ed the price to 4,500$ https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2380787255539074/
  2. Adding a couple more not from CL CO part in MI. front end dmg https://www.picknpull.com/vehicle_details.aspx?VIN=1JTMW6415JT016487 https://www.picknpull.com/vehicle_details.aspx?VIN=1JTMG6418JT200156
  3. I ordered mine from here. http://www.1aauto.com/1A/Carpets/Jeep/C ... 442/328712 color was damn near the same. Had a wool like heavy backing/underlay. It was preformed for the trans tunnel but still takes some work on making it fit. None of the stud holes or shift holes are cut, so take your time working into places. But all in all not bad for the price.
  4. Northup

    Readers Rides

    Also on page 28 there is a beautiful Comanche from the Sema show by Adventuretrailors
  5. willing to ship the hitch? I live in Rhode Island. (02818) let me know if you are.
  6. Oh dang I really thought OME made a 3" coil. Must have misread it somewhere. Ya i really have heard great things about their coils, and I ran their 2.5" leafs on my old YJ. I'm looking for a nice ride cause the comanche rarely sees much besides payment and unpaved fishing roads. Any suggestions would be nice. I may go look at Rubicon express next
  7. I was wondering if anyone has a photo or input on the OME 3" coils. I would like to run these on the front and get a set of 3" hell creek springs out back. My worry is jus the the front and back will not be a similar height even though they are both 3" lifts. Also on the front Should I just order the springs or will I have to worry about LCA or anything else. Thanks for any input.
  8. ya that would be sweet pm'd you also
  9. No, I was not refearing to the teraflex shackles. I was talking to someone on the chat here and they told me that they can cause leaf spring issues, that the angles of the shackle is not great for the comanche and that I should go with check drop shackles over those. I havent looked into it very much either and I am in the same boat, I mostly just DD my manche so I still would like to see the photos of them installed to see what angles they are at.
  10. Really interested in your pics of this. I have heard mixed things about these shackles. Would like to know what you think of them when you get them on.
  11. Northup

    Local Junkyards

    Ya i have used jeep unlimited in Prov for wrangler stuff. They say they don't have any MJ stuff, rarely they get one. They just sold a Dana 44 from one on ebay for like 250$ and they have a full center console for one and the taillights up now. I'm looking for a rare bumper right now, So maybe I will take the ride up to foster.
  12. Northup

    Local Junkyards

    WBKrazy what yards do you know of that are worth it in RI? I'm in RI also, can't seem to find a yard that has an MJ. Do you know of any that may
  13. This rim came with my MJ but its off of a Cherokee not sure the year, 15x7 This one is off my 1991 wrangler renegade 15x7 standard rims for the renegade package center caps are plack and say jeep but have worn over the year
  14. its stuck in reverse thats the bad. I saw that one on craigslist a while back. Its been for sale for at least 4months
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