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97+ XJ door seals in a MJ

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Has anyone done this before?

i believe i saw a tread about this but i can't find it, actually i tried his afternoon to do it myself but i can't make the door close properly (I'm aware that these new seals are thicker)


any help is welcome

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I put them on my 89 and it cut wind noise down alot. I just have to slam my pass side door hard to get to close. Are they sliding off the seam and bunching up causing the door to not close? Did you use the adhesive (don't remember name but looks like yellow snot) when you put them on?

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I used a yellow adhesive to put them on, but i still had to slam it like i don't want my manche to get´em closed, i saw that maybe the problem is right next to the dash , it seems to be the exact place where the door first hit the seal so the handle side is not reaching thew closing position....

Probably I'm doing it wrong or something... :mad:

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