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One day in Canada...


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...my Jeep needed gas, so we pulled off the highway and began a search for a gas station in rural New Brunswick Canada. After about 20 miles of hunting, we see a sign for "Wilson's Fuels" and we begin to follow the signs. About 10 miles later, there was no Wilsons. There were however more arrows pointing to "Wilson's Fules and Convenience." 5 miles later, and we see "WILSON'S!!" (thats what my friend and I shouted because we were sick of driving with the gas light on) on the horizon. We pull in, and fuel up.


When we are done fueling 2 cars, we pull off to allow other people to use the 1 pump, and go in to pay. My friend spotted somthing, and pointed it out.


We had no idea what it was. Upon further investigation we realized that it was a state of the art security system construted of PVC pipe and 2x4's. This was protecting the almighty "Wilson's Fuels."


I took 2 pics, we giggled at it and headed towards the highway again.


The End.


PS since Wilson's was SO far out of the way, my neighbor coined the term "Wilson's Fuels and EXTREME Inconvenience." :Canadaflag: :USAflag:

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yeah, i guess it does say wishing well. i have a closer pic of my jeep with the sign in focus, and it does say wishing well. and they believe in bigfoot up there. there isnt anything up there. the front page on the newspaper was "4 Pigs Die In Tragic Barn Blaze" <----NO JOKE!

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