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A Great Grape MJ... but who cares... it was $300...

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picked it up the night before last... my plans are a 97+ XJ grill 4x4 conversions since its got a bad tranny anyways... may as well right? and make it red as can be and drop the purple... lol... i want to DD/mall crawl this one... 33's... bullet hole wheels... full paint and body work... dress it up and of course some kind of sterio... did i mention drop the purple? it originaly was the grey but I'm a big fan of a big red MJ so thats what i want... its got the inline 6... renix of course... its a 89... 5 speed... had the BA-10 but I'm going with a AX-15... ive been eyeballing one from a 91 XJ in the JY for a minute... sucks too cause ive been selling the drivetrain from my 89 XJ which the first to go was the BA-10 and it was fine... could have had my MJ running by the end of the week... oh well... maybe someone will trade me the 96HO motor for a transmission/transfer case... lol... XJ's getting a 6.2 diesel and ford swap... not tomorrow but over the next year... its my offroad toy... anyways i pick this MJ up from a kid who wanted to buy a gokart for HIS kid on Sat... didnt have the money so he stuck this on CL... i saw it... called and he said someones coming tomorrow to get it at 10am (by this time its 10 pm) at 11pm i called him and said I'm on my way... lol... drove 2 hours there and thats when i learned it was purple... not something you think to ask about right? now i will... lol... but the body is so straight... the glass is all good... i just couldnt pass it up anyways as i planned on painting any MJ i got red... anyways i hope yall enjoyed the story... i started a build thread for it over at cherokeeforum.com where I'm a moderator but ill try and keep both up to date as i may be using the classifieds here more then anything... i don't use photobucket or anything as its a crap setup... 4 years from now if someone comes to see this thread the pics won't work... pointless... so here's the link to my build thread...



http://www.cherokeeforum.com/f46/projec ... -mj-45549/

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