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what type of clutch should i buy?

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should i just buy a stock replacment clutch or should i go big and buy a centerforce clutch its alittle more but my friend keeps telling me its better for when your going to 4x4 it and run 33's

Your friend is wrong.


First, there has been a lot of feedback on the NAXJA forum that Centerforce clutches simply are bad news behind the 4.0L engine That's point number one.


Second point is, think about what a Centerforce clutch is and how it works. It's a drag race clutch, intended for high horsepower, high RPM applications. The theory is that a drag race vehicle needs a LOT of clutch pressure to keep the clutch from slipping under full throttle runs. If they beefed up the springs in the pressure plate, you'd get a clutch that's so heavy you couldn't drive it. So some smart person came up with the idea of using centrifugal weights in the clutch to allow a lighter spring set, but when the revs increase the weights are thrown outward and increase the pressure on the pressure plate. The higher the RPMs, the more pressure.


Which is great -- for a drag racer who routinely operates above 6,000 RPM. My Jeeps run under 2,000 RPM at highway speeds. Crawling on trails, I doubt I ever exceed 1,500 RPM, and when rock crawling I may not even hit that. At those low RPMs there's not enough centrifugal force being generated for a Centerforce clutch to do any center forcing.


Don't waste your money. Buy a Luchs and drive happily.

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Who knows? Unless I'm just missing it, they don't appear to mention the brand.

It says Crown, don't they make their own stuff?

I missed the Crown logo -- too "artistic" to register as information on my tired brain, I guess.


Yes, Crown stuff is generally good. The only caveat is that I would not trust their hydraulics. The consensus is that aftermarket clutch hydraulics (of all brands) don't last more than 6 months, so it's better to spend a bit more and buy factory for the master and slave cylinders.

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