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  1. Cruiser, you have helped me out so much, but there is a good replacement. http://macsradiatorshop.com/replacment-jeep-radiator-fill-tanks.html This tank allows anyone to keep there closed system or convert to open. Its totally plug in, no modification required if you want to stay with a closed system. Add a 2.5 expansion tank and you have an open system. Its that easy. don't want to step on any toes because you have helped all of us out so much.
  2. I think we are lucky that Macs built a tank for our trucks. Yes expensive, I bought one years ago and don't have to worry any more. http://macsradiatorshop.com/replacment-jeep-radiator-fill-tanks.html You can fill it half way and have a closed system, or use a 2.5 expansion bottle and have an open system. Its that easy. The reason is that the Macs tank is built to use a standard radiator cap. They were thinking about Renix users and created a solution I use mine as an open system with the OEM 2.5 expansion bottle. Works great.
  3. Mishimoto makes an aluminium radiator that has Provision for the older-style temperature switch and a filler neck with a pressure cap for open or closed cooling systems. https://www.mishimoto.com/jeep-cherokee-xj-aluminum-radiator-1989-2001.html The expansion bottle from a 2.5 works well. Bolts right in, the holes are there. If your radiator is good you can go with the Macs aluminum tank instead of the plastic one. It has a regular radiator cap to convert to open system. Very easy. Use the 2.5 expansion bottle with this too.
  4. I would like to get a baffle if anyone knows where i could find one.
  5. Don't forget about the high altitude CPS, Mopar 53005421
  6. Here is a radiator from a reputable company that lets you do anything you want, open or closed all years. This will be my next radiator if i ever need one. https://www.mishimoto.com/jeep-cherokee-xj-aluminum-radiator-1989-2001.html Closed system trucks that want to go open with the mishimoto radiator all you need is a stock 2.5L expansion tank, readily available aftermarket, or if lucky there are still a few mopar ones out there. If your radiator is good, you can go with Macs pressure tank and 2.5 expansion tank to go open . That is what i have done with good results. Macs tank allows you to use a radiator cap and expansion tank as in an open system.
  7. I have a Mopar one now. I thought you meant the were two styles of Mopar shrouds. Thanks for clearing that up.
  8. Have not heard of this before. can you go into more detail about the differences? Also could not find it on Rockauto. Thanks.
  9. I would recommend using Redline gear oil. They make transmission oil that does not have posi traction additives and also safe for ax-15 gear boxes. MTL is very popular and is what i use in my 1996 f350 powerstroke zf5 manual transmisssion. The gear oil of choice for heavy duty use. Sorry not to answer you original question.
  10. I had the same problem years ago. It was caused by clutch fluid dripping on the fuse panel.
  11. You will never know if your belt is correct unless you use one of these. http://www.daycoproducts.com/dayco%C2%AE-belt-tension-gauges http://www.daycoproducts.com/stuff/contentmgr/files/3/1378ea57bf6d09e5f72ce92bb8eff3ce/documents/belt_tension_recommendations__rev._4.18.13_.pdf Other wise your guessing. Hope this helps.
  12. This place says they have more than 10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Convenience-Courtesy-Light-White-Light-Compact-12-Volt-Fixture-Truck-Auto-/222230109643?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10 I have them in my truck, very nice.
  13. I agree with part number Moog #DS1238 for drag link. But for tie rod I have part number Moog #DS1312. Make sure tie rod is for a V8 ZJ. Tie rod ends are Moog#ES3096L , you will need 2 of them. Adjuster sleeve is Moog#ES2079S , you will need 2 of them. Please correct me if you think these numbers are not correct. I spent some time researching this and it can get confusing.
  14. You beat me to it Wahoo, I have read the same info.
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