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Canyon Wheels on 2WD Comanche

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I bought a set of used Canyon wheels and Toyo tires for my Comanche. Anyone running Canyon wheels? Did you have to use spacers? I can't get the center caps on the front because of the grease cup or even without the grease cup. Mine is 2WD.

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I ran TJ Canyons (the 15x8's) without the center caps on 2wd hubs.



You really don't want to run without the grease caps.


jimoshel ran in to a problem with one of the wheels, and this 2wd hub,

IIRC he cranked it down, and broke the wheel center,

so pop the wheel caps, make sure the wheel is going on straight, and tighten gradually.


I'm running Ravine wheels on the 2wd hubs now,

others here run them without spacers, but I slipped a couple 1/8" spacers for good measure (they're factory AMC spacers used on some brake hub/wheel combo')

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That I did. Good memory.




Though I never went back to that thread to see what wheels they were

(which is why I cautioned the original poster, also and why I put spacers on my Ravines).




WBKrazy, painting the caps gray is good idea :smart:

I sprayed mine black (pic in sig), but also got some Chrome caps recommended by hornbrod

(I'll swap them when I re-pack the ft bearings)

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I just ended up putting the Canyons on my XJ. I thought about getting spacers but the canyons offset further out of the wheel well, almost to the lip of the flares and didn't want them out any further. The Canyons look pretty good on the XJ too.



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I'm running ZJ canyon wheels (darker inset areas) on my MJ, I had to pop the caps out just like you did when I had the 2wd beam in still. I solved this problem by putting in a d30... :D (halfway through a 4wd swap actually)

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