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thanks to are 2nd flood in a few weeks, haven't had any chance to figure out my weird starting/ running problem. I still have yet to clean the CPS, but i am also trying a few other ideas. Its got new plugs but i'm going to do cap, rotor, and wires. Its had pretty much everything in the fuel system replaced so i know its getting fuel. It will turn over but run really rough, kind of chug. for about 10 seconds then run smoother, however once in drive it runs rough again for a bit, sometimes to the point where it stalls :fs1: . It also sounds like a possible vacuum issue, because when there is no load on the engine, Park an Neutral, it idles higher than normal. Seems like lots of possibilities and hoping someone can pick out the right one :smart: before i go chasing this around with lots of new parts :ack: . It also has a new TPS.

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and i'm leaning toward vaccum leak or something went wrong when replacing all the fuel system stuff :dunno: doesnt sound like a spark issue unless it is just a coil or something, but the nature of it running smoothe then not doesnt sound like spark :dunno: i would see how it runs at hi throttle, if it runs better when revved up, its probobly an issue with it not getting fuel, if it runs worse when revved up, its probobly a vac issue. also, are your brakes working ok? it could just be a loose brake booster hose

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