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1989 Jeep Comanche electrical problems

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I have a 1989 Jeep Comanche 4.0 litre I6 and one day i noticed a elctrical burning smell, i wasnt sure what it was until smoke started coming up from my feet and i came to realize my fuze was melting. Since then i have removed the fuse and been driving around with no running tail lights(brake lights do work), no dash lights, and no parking lights for the front. I have not replaced the fuse in fear that the same thing will happen only this time it would do greater damage. If someone had the same problem and fixed it please let me know how to do it, what parts i need, and where to puchase them. I would greatly appreciate it!!!


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I Haven't had the same problem :eek:


But your post is kind of open ended :hmm:


You left out alot of details too :dunno:


Do you by chance have an manual transmission???


Have you checked to see if the master cylinder is leaking on the fuse block???


If you had smoke, and the fuse melted, you have a very serious electrical problem. Don't put a fuse back in until you do some digging and find the source of the problem.


The fuse you pulled, feeds the dash lights, parking lights, the ones you wrote that you don't have, so that's where you need to be looking for a dead short.


It could be the light switch shorting out, or the wires that run under the floor mat, under the drivers seat, that also carries the fuel pump electrical feed.


As Pete would say........."Pull your carpet out" and check the wire harness, back track to the kick panel, and then check out the light switch.


This could go back to the front header panel, with the turns/markers too, one having a bad light socket, causing the short.


You need to do some investigating ;)



Oh, and welcome to the CC :wavey:

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yes it is a manual transmission. i am new to jeeps or even working on vehicles for that matter, so digging around is a little difficult for me. i did happen to find 2 black wires coming from under the seat around the belt buckle and they are just hanging around, I'm not sure what i should do with them. I also have 2-2 blue wires and 2-1 black wires coming from underbody going to rear bumper, they are all unplugged, and I'm not sure what they are for so i am leaving them alone til i find out more. this is very confusing for me!! :help:

if there is anyone around the detroit michigan area willing to come and help me out that would be great!!

i appreciate the reply and trying to help!!

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Well, I would check the inside firewall to see if your clutch master is leaking brake fluid down on to the fuse box, that could cause some major damage, and electrical shorts......very common problem.


The seat belt wire you wrote about, it not a major problem, that's just a light and buzzer open ground.


The wires at the rear could be from an old trailer connection, and yes, should be traced back and disconnected before they cause problems.


As far and stopping over to check it out........well.......I'm a little out of range :roll:

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