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Camper Shell to Cab Seal

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For those with camper shells, how is the front of the shell sealed to the cab? My rear window does have a lip that looks like some shells may use.


I know my current shell isn't made specifically for an MJ. According to the previous owner the shell came from a Ranger. But, I think shells are made more to a common size than specifically for most vehicles.


Maybe some type of flexible boot like a semi sleeper?


These are the best pictures I have handy. The shell fits really well and there isn't much of a gap between it and the cab.






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I saw one instance where a fella used common garden hose, rubber, and squeezed it in between the cab and cover. Painted it to match. Looked and worked good. I had a '70 J10 I used a rubber strip from the bottom of a garage door. Worked for 7 years, til I sold the Jeep.

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Any shop that sells camper shells should have a boot gasket for the shell, very similar to the rubber strip from the bottom of a garage door as jimoshel mentioned. The problem with them is they rub against the back of the cab and eventually abrade through the paint. I prefer the type with their own window as Eagle described.

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