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What Color Primer for Red Paint?

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Grey will give you a better eye on uneven surfaces . Remember to spot sand with spatter paint and a board sander or 3M

sanding blocks .


Not a practice i have heard of with autobody. Care to elaborate? Sounds like you're using guidecoat. Spot sanding won't really give you a perfectly flat surface, long sanding blocks need to be used on an entire pannel to help ensure a uniform feel to the pannel. Icing wouldn't be a bad thing to have handy as well after you prime it. It dries quicker than bondo and is great for small dents.

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I would agree with the red oxide primer for red paint.There are actually different shades of the orange/brown primer for blocking,finding high and low spots.X2 on the sanding boards for finish sanding,long strokes.You could use gray or even black for your first coat of primer to see how deep your sanding,as said before,then layer on the red/brown primer.Take your time and have fun. :thumbsup:

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