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Rear recovery points?

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Hey all,

Just wondering, besides a rear hitch, is there any other way to add a rear recovery point to the rear of the MJ? I've got two hooks on the front of my MJ, but nothing on the rear. Any ideas?




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i just throw a strap around the shackle, do it all the time , but i did see my buddys shackle get ripped right off but he was in mudd up the the middle of the door and the kid pulled from the side instead of from behind him

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I'm assuming you're the same guy who posted the same question over on NAXJA :roll: I'll repeat.....the quickest, SAFEST, and easiest solution for you is a class III hitch.


don't put a D-ring thru the trailer-ball hole on the factory bumper


don't hook to anything on the suspension


when you develop the fab skills or can afford to pay someone who has them, build a rear bumper that incorporates recovery points.




edit: welcome to CC

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The factory tow hook package included two hooks in front and one in the rear. There was a multi-piece bracket set that attached it -- the hook itself was not bolted directly to the unibody.

Oops -


I misread the post. I've been working on the XJs recently and was in XJ mode.


I am not aware of any factory rear tow hook setup for the MJ. Sorry for the confusion.

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