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Installed 2005+ Dakota Bench (Pics Inside)

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Hey All,


First thank you to mnkyboy and flyn2er for offering their experiences and tips. :cheers:


These seats are from a 2007 (Passenger and Center) and 2006 (Driver) Mitsubishi Raider (Dakota Clone). I chose these because it seems you can't get the 05+ Dak seats in Black. They are SUPER comfortable and light years ahead of the original vinyl bench (as they should be) :brows:


Thought I would share my install:





I fabbed in the cupholder from a 2000 Dakota center seat.



This is a close-up of the driverside front bracket. The driverside was the most difficult to fab in as you don't have alot of space to work with due to the hump/tunnel. For the rear, I bolted in the stock Dak rear bracket through the floor with a big carriage bolt.

Had to repair the donor bracket (it was rusted away on one side), but this is another pic of the drivers side.


Passenger side was much easier, I used the stock Manche brackets as a base.


For the center console, I cut the Dak brackets, bent em a little, positioned em and bolted it through the tunnel.


Back console bolts, I know about the washers, I was using hardware I had in my garage. I will get the right length bolt in there. :dunce:


Front console bolts.


Rear drivers side seat bolt.



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Nice choice on 40-20-40 seat , kinda best of both worlds . I may finaly be inspired to get on with my "some-day " seat project :idea: ( just a thought....some larger 3" washers would be a lot safer on those seat-belt bolts ) :thumbsup:

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you lucked out :thumbsup:


When i got my MJ it had some rotten buckets out of some car bolted to wooden blocks attached to the floor,my Dakota seats came with no brackets so i pretty much fabricated everything. looks like having all the brackets helped a bit.


looks good though :cheers:

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