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Part Time light/arrow

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I'm putting the wiring back together on my project truck. 88 MJ Pioneer 4.0 BA-10. I'm posting a few threads to get my way around this. When I get a bit more info I'll share what I get in a build thread.


When I start it up the "part-time" light comes on, but it's not in 4WD. Then it will go off, then on, off etc.



Just when I'm starting it, the "arrow" on the same light panel comes on, then goes off. Sitting in the driveway, if I rev the engine past 2K RPM the arrow comes on, then off. Did I say it's not in 4WD.



I've never seen the arrow on my 90 XJ. In 4WD or not. What does the arrow indicate?

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But why is it coming on if he's not driving. Mine only comes on while driving.

I will try this one - I believe the light works of the RPM/Tach of the Truck. If his is anything like mine, it hits higher RPM's at start up and triggers the light to go off.


That almost sounds plausible ~ even if it was pulled from my back pocket :D

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All right. I get the arrow - since I have an AW4 in the XJ that would explain why I've never seen an arrow. In the 5 spd. - arrow as a "recommended" shift point. Seems like overkill, I'm pretty sure I know when to shift. I just may delete that bulb.


Soo, any ideas why the PT light is coming on and off when I do not have the TC in 4WD. The vac lines are all good (so far as I can tell) and tight with no air leakage. Could the CAD be sticking or stuck in locked/unlocked.

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My t/c has a pig tail coming off of it going to a harness running up to the firewall on the pass side. Maybe check those connections. If you shift when the arrow tells you to, you tend to do alot of lugging . Especially pulling a trailer up hill from a stop !

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