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Can't find number of comanches produced


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Here goes the pandora's box... But anyway, I have the "production" numbers available on my history section of my site... www.comanchemj.1hwy.com


These are how many were built during whatever year. '86's were built from June of '85 to May of '86... Therefore, it shows a number of how many were made form June of '85 to Dec of '85... Etc etc.


Rob L.

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In 1992, despite lackluster sales, Comanche brought out a new sport option group, and some minor changes to interior trim. Jeep would only sell 3,181 Comanches for the 1992 calendar year however. That placed it last in a field of 11 compact pickups, and it would not be back the following year.




Production numbers:


1985: 29,245


1986: 33,386


1987: 43,070


1988: 43,718


1989: 25,311


1990: 9,576


1991: 5,188


1992: 952



I did a search of this site, figuring if anywhere I could get an answer to the controversial number of MJs built for 91 and 92.


Some sites say 3,100 and change for '91, some say under 1,000 for '92, some say 5,188 for '91 and 3,181 for '92 or some permutation or rounding thereof. And here, on automan's site, it would appear we have both tallies for the '92 year. Is there anywhere I can look for a definitive answer?


(I'm going back to searching our site now... if I find something I'll come back here and post it)


Edit... Automan, I found another post where you state that 952 was the number produced for the '92 calender year... and if that is the case, you should change the leading sentence to "3181 Comanches for the '92 model year" It would save some confusion in the future... and in the post I saw you seemed tired of correction issues with people's misunderstanding of your numbers. Just a helpful bit of reading... if I'm reading that right you mean they only sold 952 for the calender year... or is that built in the calender year? Of which hopefully all were sold... :dunno: I hope you guys see my confusion.


I think some sites quote the number for calender year, some for model year, and some a unique permutation thereof.


Now... I'm still after how many TOTAL... not 4x4, or 4x2, or bench seat models... but how many were made per model year. Specifically the '91 and '92 model years but I won't throw the other model year's info out of bed. (times like this make me wish I still had that book by Jim Allen - his numbers were usually pretty good). I don't care if it was built between 9-91 and 12-91 or 1-92 and 4-92... I am after total model year numbers. Anyone have a link to that? Thanks.

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I've seen those numbers before. I still wonder if the last two years that I'm really interested in are TOTAL for 4x2 and 4x4 or just TOTAL for 4x4. I'm sure I'm reading more into it than is there, but that word being all caps seems kinda final.


I just (for the first time) added those numbers up and it comes out to 76,314. That would suggest that there were 114,000 4x2 MJs made, or nearly 150% 2WDs than there were 4WDs. Does that make sense? I mean, my 3 all started as 2WD... so I'm not too surprised, but I'm in SoCal, and a lot of 2WDs of various Jeeps exist here, but not further north and east.

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