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86 to 88 parts swap

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Essentially everything can be swapped over. The main differences are the radiator core support and hood are different. They can be swapped, but it would be taking a step backwards in safety, as the '86 used a center mounted latch system and the '87+ used one latch on each corner of the hood. If the motor/trans setup is the same, most everything is interchangable as well. In other words, if it's a good deal, GRAB IT and don't second guess yourself.


Also, welcome to our little corner of insanity! jamminz.gif

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what are the engine/tranny combos in each truck?


I'm more talking about body parts, the bed on mine is pretty rusty and the new one is in good shape.


Oh, cool. Yeah - what beaterjeep said, the vast majority of body and interior parts from the cab forward will swap over, besides the difference in the hood & rad support like he mentioned.


But all '86's were long beds. If the '88 is also, then the swap should be easy. If the '88 is a shortbed, I'm not sure how involved it is. They're different wheelbases.

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