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crazy price


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i don't think so, just because we're cheapos, doesn't mean something isn't worth some money. if its as listed, in that nice of shape it is. not everyone is like us and buys something cheap and works on it all the time.


if i had more money, i'd buy something like that, and simply maintain it and drive it. something that is in that nice and original shape is worth something, no rust and looks like it came off the show room. i don't like the steering wheel though.

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Actuality.......The buy it now price is really good :D


I suggest you do some reading up on this subject, before you call it a "crazy price"


Here's some reading materials for you -




*and if you look at the guy in the picture.........You don't haggle price with him :eek: *




*I'm thinking the seller on e-bay based his price from that site*


http://autos.aol.com/used-list/make1-Je ... 1-Wagoneer


*And that's the 'cheap' site for prices* :brows:

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Borderline crazy, IMO. FSJ's have definitely entered collector car territory. They're just like 60's-70's muscle cars - you can still find lots cheap beaters that serve their original purpose that you can have fun in - but when you have one that's been painstakingly restored and is show quality, then it's going to be at a premium price. The body and interior of this one look great. The beef I have is that for the "buy it now" price, I'd be expecting something more than a rebuilt stock 2bbl 360. Just like if you were buying a restored muscle car, you'd want some upgrades. There's a lot of aftermarket goodies out there for the AMC 360's - good cams, performance exhaust, and at least a 4bbl carb & intake, if not the EFI set up that Edlebrock makes for it. Without that, the buy it now price is about $8K too high, IMO.

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There was a very nice one in this thread, but no one wanted it (original description & pic deleted by seller, but you can still read the responses)




It had been parked for a couple years & had a wiring issue, but looked awesome in the pics.

He went as low as $2k for it, then ended up pulling the ad. :dunno:

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