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1993 Comanche, Info & scans.

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I have bigger scans of this stuff if you guys can't read it.


Here's their MJ customer base for 1993:


36 years old, Male and Married.


$42k a year (17 years ago) 28% college grads (the LOWEST of ALL Jeeps BTW :rotf: )




If the line returned for 93' it was going to be down to just 'Eliminator', or 'Base' (tho there was an optional 'Sport' package on top of the Base model).

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this is completly irrelivent but that Eliminator picture reminded me of The 1 that was for sale last summer around here. It was sold to a Canadian Fella for the full asking price of $5500.





In a way It would have been cool to see the MJs run into the mid 90s but I'm glad theyre as far and few between as they are....i mean look what happened 2 the Rangers and S-10s...lol

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Yeah... then instead, they made the ZJ.. :nuts:



introducing the ZJ best move Jeep ever made, up till that time.


The ZJ broke all kinds of Jeep sales records, and had a huge profit margin.



I think the MJ went mostly because single cab pickups have one of the lowest profit margins,

and they were never going to spend the money to make the Comanche an extended cab, or a (gasp) 4 door. (would've been sweet tho)

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Can you get ahold of those books for all the years?


They made them for every year,

tho the AMC stuff is a little more scarce.


(one area Chrysler was a big improvement in was their literature :thumbsup: ).


I have alot of different ones.

None are for sale, but I'll scan stuff if you're looking for something in particular.

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And the color chart for 1993 Comanche's,

these are the supposed 5 new colors:

Deep Blue Metallic

Navajo Turquoise Metallc

Flame Red

Canyon Blue Metallic


Light Champagne Metallic:




The things that interest me the most about '1993 Comanche's'


do the interior lights seem different to anyone else? (there's no mention of them working as a rocker switch in the text)

these exterior colors

and 'Two New Interior Colors'? (Charcoal & Dark Sand)

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Great info Jim - thanks for posting it. Observations:


1. Never knew the 4.0 HO engine was called "Powertech". That rings a bell for some other manufacturer's engines - can't think of it now. Oh, just remembered - it's FORD! :nuts:

2. The 93 B-pillar lamps look exactly like the Porsche/VW lamps I used. Maybe the Renault crap lights dried up?

3. The 93 "Base" model has a swoosh side decal just like the dealer installed one I have on my "Base" 91.


Interesting stuff. :cheers:

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Not sure if any of you have ever noticed, but the factory parts manuals also list 93 MJ specific parts as well. For example, here's a listing of the interior dashboard wiring harnesses for MJ's only for the HO years.


5601 6869 MJ 1991

5601 7509 MJ 1992

5601 9161 MJ 1993

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