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no gauges when headlights are on

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ok i checked the fuse panel. dosnt seem to be roted out from the master cylnder.

i replaced all bad fuses. some were just old and falling apart. i have headlights and the gauges work, but when i turn the lights on the gauge lights and the clock light to the right of the gauges go out.

every once in a long wile they work for about 30 seconds


any sugestions on what to do.

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The dimmer for the instrument lights is a rheostat built into the headlight switch. It's a contact that slides along a coil of resistance wire. With age, the wire develops dead spots. Probably turning on the headlights also rotates the stem slightly, causing the slider to rest on a dead or dying spot in the resistance coil. Try rotating the headlight switch and see if the lights come back.

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