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New to the comanche world


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hello i just picked up my first comanche yesterday and its pretty nice



i had a 89 cherokee XJ 2dr in the past lifted 6,5" rough country long travel on 32's

and a 88 suzuki samurai 6" spoa lift and 31's i just sold it to buy the comanche



anywho i wanted to go back to jeep due to the samurai being too light and dangerous on snowy roads and i like the power of a jee not the wimpy 1.3L in the samurai.



1989 jeep comanche pioneer





unknown 7.5" lift

spoa in rear with new leafs

long travel shocks

AR wagon wheels


i just picked up a bedliner and a set of 33x12.50x15's today for it


i wil post up picts when i get it all together


and I'm kicking around some paint color ideas




i took a look at the airbox today and found this

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i will get the picts up tomorrow when i take them


i got my 33's mounted on today



the lift has huge @$$ springs I'm guessing 18" tall

LCA drop brakets

stock LCA's and UCA's

bright orange shocks there dirty and need washed

SPOA in rear


really odd spring perches with a shock tab on it



i measured it today and it sits 24" from pinch weld to the garage floor in the back

and 22 1/2 in the front with 33's on it




i picked up a stock set of mirrors due to the fact that there eas f150 door mirrors on it ultra ghey.




I'm really smart when it comes to lifts and jeeps and i can pick stuff out and name it off in my sleep but honestly i got this wed. drove 5 hours 1 way to get it left at 3am didnt get back until 530pm and went straight to bed. due tot he fact that i could barley stand/stay up haha


i got a good look at it today when it was on the lift at walmart when they put my tires on. thats when i noticed the spring perch's



i will get you guys picts tomorrow


is there a easier way to put xj buckets or different buckets in this jeep at all?

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