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4.0/5 SPEED TO 4.O/Auto

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Are you just wanting to swap the auto over, or the whole drivetrain?


If you are swapping the whole drivetrain, everything should be unbolt from the donor and bolt into the MJ.

If you just want the auto, you will have to install the flexplate from the donor and remove the pilot bushing from the end of the MJ's crank.

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It will take some work, going from a 5 speed to an auto.


You will need the trans, trans computer and wiring in the passenger footwell.

Throttle body for the kick down cable mounts.

Linkage from the auto Jeep to trans

The axles as said, 3.55 on the auto, 3.07's on the 5 speed.



Is it a column shift? 4wd or 2wd?


And of course, if 4wd what are you doing with the 5 speed tranny?

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