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Bolt Locations for Bed removal

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Hi, I'm new here and a new owner of a very rusty 1990 Comanche, it is very difficult for me to crawl under my truck as I have some knee problems and I would like to remove the bed from my truck as I can gain better access to the frame rails in the rear.


Would some be so kind as to post a few pictures as to where these 8 bolts are located, and other locations of interest (ie: Parking brake cable mounting points on the bed, even a good suggestion as to how to suport both the gas tank and the cables during removal would help as well) as it would save me time trying to crawl around underneath.


Or even a very Detailed description as to where they are located. I under stand that this is a rather idiotic request but mobility is a factor for me and the less time I spend on my knees in pain the better.


Me and My knees thank you in advance for your kindness.




P.S it is a short box if that helps also.



I know that 4 of the bolts are located in the green areas and that the gas tank and the parking brake wire-bracket are mounted in relativley the same location as depicted. could some one take this picture and circle the remaining 4 bolts please. thank you



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I circled the other 4 locations in red the bolts are 15mm, theres a good chance of snaping bolts off in the bed if its really rusty

Image Not Found


there is only 3 bolts holding the parking brake bracket to the bed. you will need to take out the screws that mount the gas filler to the bed, loosen up the J-bolts that hold the gas tank to the bed then you can just push the tank up and unhook them (run most of the gas out first). unhook all the plastic clips that the taillight wire runs through under the bed. and remove the tailgate

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Ohh this is not a picture of my truck. it is a picture that I found here on the forum.



But the owner had this write up about it


"Very simple design, made of 3 mm stainless steel plates and tig welded.

I just adjusted the tank sending unit and made a new gasket around the fuelpump, otherwise it works good."





If you would like to see the thread itself.

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