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CA - MJ D44 & taillights - not mine

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Dorris Auto Wrecking in Hayward CA has 2 MJ's - both well worn work trucks. 87 LB & 89 SB (eliminator). 87 ghas a D44 they want ~$300 for. Both have taillights that are foggy but no cracks, other parts decent. Headliner, etc

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Is just Ca expensive? Paid $90 bucks for a Dana 44 with 3.53's. They knocked $10 off the going price because both drums were missing.


I bought my D44 from CA for $260 shipped to me in GA. My tailgate cost me $125 shipped for a rust free beauty. It is all in who you know and how bad you need the parts.


I will be home to CA in July and can't hardly contain myself.

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