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Just like to say a few things


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Hello and good morning all, just thought I'd poke my head in and say hello to everybody before I started asking questions and what not, but I would first like to point out how I got in the Comanche way of life.


I am an armoured guy in the canadian military and offroading and using vehicles tactically is my life. But I have always been a fast car kind of guy never owned a rear wheel drive let alone a 4x4 in my entire life.


I owe it to Jay aka Biggwheels for selling me his RWD comanche for 250 dollars. The vehicle was wrecker bound because it had more problems then financially practical to fix, and I agree with the idea if you can have it, let somebody else have the parts so they can carry on the fight. But then all of a sudden I wanted it, I fixed that bad boy up from nothing, and along the way there were some serious hick ups and one night I almost called it quits but Jay pushed me forwards and here I am now, doing my own 4x4 conversion on an old beat up truck with the heart of a lion. So publicly, thank you buddy.


And for the rest of you guys, big thumbs up for all of your work and dedication, I have followed in yours and Jays tracks the whole way and now own my own damn 4x4 that the army cannot tell me where I can and can't go. I understand now why all those damn jeep owners and I quote Jay "have the right to wave"...


Thank you guys for my right.



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I am in the same boat as you right now...about to call it quits on an almost finished project MJ. If it weren't for the fine folks here with their help and encouragement, I'd probably be setting the thing on fire in the yard tonight.


Keep persevering, and you'll get that sucker on the road yet!



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