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CTS -Coolant Temperature Sensor ....Where is it exactly?

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Actually, if there's an auxilary fan, there's 3.


The one on the back of the head controls the gauge/light. Different senders for the gauge than the light.


The one on the bottom of the block is for the ECU. The computer needs to know how hot the motor is so it can go from cold-running mode to warm-running mode. The Renix systems have preset values for timing and air/fuel mixture in cold running mode, then listens to the sensors when it's warmed up.


If you have an electric auxiliary fan, there's a third sensor in the driver's side of the radiator. At least the 4.0s do, not sure about the 2.5.

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Don't get confused between the CTS and Knock sensor. The CTS will have a pigtail with a plug for the harness to plug into. IIRC it has two round prongs on the plug. The knock sensor doesn't have wires coming off of it, and the plug for it looks like an injector plug. I believe the CTS is in front.

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