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Which pipe, and which engine? The pipe size of the 4.0L has stayed the same, but the pipe size for the 2.5L depends on the year.


For the 4.0L, the exhaust pipe (the one from the manifold to the catalytic converter) is 2-1/2", and the tailpipe (from the muffler back) is 2-1/4".


On the 2.5L, I don't know what size the exhaust pipe is, but I do know that some years the tailpipe was 2" and other years it was 2-1/4"

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i have a 4.0 and straight piped it and when i get on it it sounds like a big block real crisp and clear jamminz.gif people stair at the eep and wonder whats under the hood but i am just bone stock 4.0 i want to get a header fer it but i am low on money :( :ack:

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