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whats the best service manual

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Alldata.com has all the factory stuff online for you. You can buy a 1 year, 1 vehicle subscription for like $20 through autozone.com. Gives you all the wiring diagrams, procedures and everything you would get from factory service manuals but in a more user friendly package. I think additional vehicle are only $15 each after the first one. Worked great for me till I got a job at a dealer that had a full subscription.

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:yes: :agree: 100%. FSM full set is the only way to go. They will pay for themselves if you're a DIY in less than a year. Or maybe less than a day if you bring it to the dealer. :cheers:


The correct FSM's for your year/model can often be found on Ebay for cheap.

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Factory Service Manual is THE way to go.Has more detail and information, I also use Haynes and Chilton. Seems as if Chilton has a little more spec info. A while back I got a Chilton CD on Chrysler trucks, including the Comanche. Has more detailed info than the book. Total care CD, 28065. Got it on EBay.$26

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thanks guys, I'm going to look for a jeep manufactured one. I looked at a haynes it was ok but covered to many years and no too in depth on the 86 model. Does anyone have a extra 1986 factory laying around that they want to get rid of?? probably not haha :cheers:

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1986 is tough, since that was still the AMC era.

(one of the few things that Chrysler was head and shoulders better than AMC was in their FSM's).


IIRC (going off the top of my head here), for 86' you need:


The Comanche 'Body' manual, maroon colored, just covers the body.

there were newer generations of this for 86-88.

Same book, just updated depending on the year it was printed.



In 89' Chrysler released a very nice set of 3 red books for XJ/MJ's


I'm thinking there was also seperate 'Mechanical' manual specific to the MJ, but can't picture it right now.


An engine manual (more like a thick brochure).

I never had any of these loose 86' engine books,

there were a few different ones for the 87' 4.0L (one just for the fuel injection).


A Tranny manual (for whichever tranny you have).


There was also seperate wiring diagram manuals specific to each vehicle,

and probably more I can't think of right now. :dunce:




Imho, EVERY MJ owner should atleast have the AMC MJ body book, and the 89' Chrysler 3 book set.

IIRC, in 1990 they went to a single fat book, and stayed that way for a few years.

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factory. hands down. although occasionally the haynes/chiltons will explain a procedure better. I have all three and sometimes use all 3.




I even bought a 'Clymer' book (Chilton's rip off) when I came across it.




The 89' 3 book set is dead center in this pic, the AMC Brown/Maroon Comanche books are just before them.

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If you have a 2.5L, then the 89 book will help you out 90% of the time. If you have the 2.8L, well... that knocks down to maybe 60%. Somewhere online (as admin I can really legally point the way) there are some fully-digital and fully free factory 89 service manuals. I bet if you search through the archives here you can find the link. ;)

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