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Removing Tail Pipe?

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My tailpipe is rusted out bad, the exhaust system from the muffler forward is in good shape, what would happen if I just cut the rusted tail pipe off and did not replace it right away? Am planning on getting it replaced in about six weeks, just don't have the money right now. Would it cause any serious issues if I just cut it off for the time?


Thank you.

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The only really important thing is that you support the new end. you can't leave the muffler hanging in space.



you can sorta see in this pic where I have the end of the tailpipe suspended by the rear hanger.

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At the least, I would put on a 90- or 45-degree elbow to direct the exhaust away from the gas tank.

hear hear, i got to replace the fuel tank in my stepbrothers jetta after he chopped the exhaust (turbo car btw) and let it burn a hole through the plastic tank. :rotf:

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