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CFC victim:

Sir Sam

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Is there anyone on here that can copy that CFC auction page for me and upload the page and the photos to my website. I want to archive that as evidence of how awful CFC really was.


You can either print to PDF or save a screen shot of it, both of those would work.

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Unless...........you make friends with someone whom can bid on it....... :brows:


I could probably get cleared to buy it, but still wouldn't do much good. Just a beat up old truck with no title and no engine.



And you said it sold for $200 :eek:


Man, your thinking inside the box...........no paper work, beat up??? Who cares.


You don't think there are any usable parts on that thing????


A rust free swb box, and you'll have your $$ back, or if the price of tail lights keep climbing up, you'll have your $$ back........... :shake:


I know around here, the JY's were paying the dealers $50 for the C4C, and we hit one PnP yard and got alot of parts off a '90 XJ......including a AW4 & 242 :brows:


Just had a hell of a time getting the AW4 off thru the torque converter :fs1: But......it was worth it. All the parts we stripped off totaled just over $200.

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