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stock skid plates

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this might be a little off topic but its kinda quick question move it if you like.


there is an early body style xj in the junk yard by me and it has the stock front and rear skid plates. it looks like it was a government truck with all the antennas and no interior. I was wondering how rare are these skid plates and are they worth going back to get? would they fit on my 01 xj. and or my 87 mj? it also has the front tow hooks with tie in brackets. are these things worth the trip back? thanx guys - cody

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The front skid plate and the tow hooks will fit your XJ or your MJ. The gas tank skid for the early XJs with the steel tanks is very different from the skid for your 01 with the plastic tank. No fit.


If it has those skids, does it also have the transfer case skid?


It's probably worth going back for. You can always sell the gas tank skid on NAXJA.

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Image Not Found


BTW, the Euro XJs all got a similar speedo. This is the one I'm looking for:



If the truck barely hits 80mph without shaking itself to death, why do you need a 120MPH speedo? :rotfl2:


I think mine would blow up at anywhere north of 65mph... :headpop:

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Good point Wade. :D The way mine is geared I figure I'd have to turn at least 10,000 RPM in O/D to reach 120MPH. Looks cool though.


The police XJs were usually geared pretty tall though for pursuit. Why the Euro XJs got these speedos though is anyone's guess. :dunno:

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