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best prices on gas tank and fuel pumps?

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I still have to check the pressure in my fuel system but if it turns out to be the pump i want to get the best price so I figured i would see if anyone knows the best price. I'm also pricing out gas tanks at the same time. when I fill up my tank it leaks, though it looks like it is only around the fuel pump so it may be a bad install or something.

I already replaced my fuel pump and it did not seam to do anything to fix my bogging, stuttering, backfiring problem.

EDIT: I'm an idiot, I have a 1987 LWB.




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First time I changed my pump, I did it with the tank in the truck, and the O-ring didn't seal right, so it leaked if I filled it up past 3/4.


Even if you don't buy a new tank, I recommend dropping it to change the pump.


that might be the problem I'm having with the tank leaking, it is about 3/4 when it starts to leak and the only wet spot is around the fuel pump.

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Just got one in the mail a couple of days ago. I have yet to put it in, probably will next week, but it seems like good construction, right size, etc. Seller's feedback is mostly good, thats what sold me. I got it 1 week after I ordered it, but it shipped from Cali and I'm in NY.

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