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I just found this site and thought I would join and introduce myself. I have an 87 MJ Laredo that my grandfather bought new in 1987. He used it to carry his in-bed camper even though the owners manual clearly stated the mj was not designed for that type of work. He passed away over a year ago and it has been sitting for almost 2 years now without being used. Recently my dad and I put the jeep back on the road to use as an extra car. The jeep has quite a few extras - I found out by reading posts and looking at others. It is red with the tan sport bucket seats, tan pinstripes, longbed, 15" Laredo rims, full gauge package, chrome grill, bumpers, door handles and bed trim, cargo light, upgraded am/fm radio, cruise and leather wrapped tilt steering wheel. It has been driven all over the country, mainly from 87-90 and has just over 94k miles. Mostly everything is original, and it runs and shifts great. It is the 4cyl 5spd 2WD model and ice cold air. It has the normal problems like the parking brake not working and the windshield leaking, but besides that its great. I want to keep it as stock as possible, but I would like to add foglights and regular mirrors (it has the large rusty/chrome towing mirrors) I have already added the 95-96 cupholders.


My grandmother also has an 81 CJ7 with the 258 I6 and 4spd that was used to drive around their property in the mountains in North Carolina. Its yellow with black vinyl and black soft top and white steel rims sitting on its original tires (they really need to be changed, but it really hasn't been driven in 3 years and is currently not registered.) It has about 11k miles and has been garaged kept its entire life and is a very basic no frills model, but fun for getting around the property.


I'm glad I found this site and will post pictures of the MJ soon and be searching for some mods and fixes for the MJ.


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yep, the camper has been from coast to coast. My dad gave the camper away to someone in July, it was in pretty bad shape and looked terrible on the jeep in the driveway. Before the jeep my grandfather had a 79 yellow 2wd toyota truck that hauled the camper and before that a 75 slightly lifted yellow Chevy Luv.

The jeep was his first new vehicle and his last. I remember seeing it for the first time. It was all red and shiney, and it had alot of "cool" (well to me at age 5 things) for a truck. Cheap doesnt even come close to describing my grandfather, so when he bought the jeep the entire family was shocked. My grandfather would only use 1st 3rd and 5th gears to make the clutch last longer (at least in his mind) one of the crank window knobs broke so he used a spare cabinet knob and the seat back handle broke, so he rigged a coat hanger and some wire so you can recline the seat, even though for me its impossible.

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sounds exactly like my grandfather, except all he ever drove were pickups (either Chevy or Ford, and never bought new) that were "3 in the trees". He'd always shift from first, after winding it waaaay out, to third......didn't want to wear out the clutch, and second gear, apparently.


I'm happy to say I grew up just like him (cheap). Ask my wife about it sometime ;)


Welcome to the club Dave.



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