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Just an engine swap

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Well I have been trying to sel my 90 MJ swb with a smoking motor for a while, and just had no buyers, willing to pay what I think it was worth. Well Today a couple of friends came over to make it happen. Since I have a gravel driveway I went and purchased some 3/4 CDX and it worked great.



Here is the donor motor on work area



What 3 sheets of cdx looks like with an engine lift on it




Jeep and engine and lift on plywwod




We ended up pulling the whole drivetrain complete. This made us take a few extra steps, but over all it went off with out a hitch.


First Jeff Unbolted the header and radiator , while I went underneath and unbolted the driveshafts.



Just about the time we got finished with the radaitor and stuff.. it started to mist and rain.. so out came the EZ up and work continued



Derreck being the counter weight while I slowly push the jeep back. Jeff is raising the motor up as it frees itself.



Here the t-case is clearing the front bumper.



There were not many pics taken from this point. Bascially we divided and conquered the rest of the swap. We did find out that the 87 and 90 mj harnesses were different when it came to the alt sub harness. Besides that ... after a lil trouble shooting the engine started right up. Not bad for a lil over 6 hrs work.





AS always jeff was real meticulous and thorough. I don't think The swap would have been done in such a short period of time with out him. Thanks man.

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I have to give Jeff props on how fast it took. He knew what had to be done in what order. IT really helped that we pulled it as one whole unit. Didnt really have to fight any of the stuff in tight areas. ALso made it nice that the donor motor was pulled right, and all the harness and stuff was unmolested. There were a few differences between the 87 and 90 wiring that made final hook up and start up interesting

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We swapped another 2.5/ax5. It had a 2.5 in it, but it smoked bad, and had a bunch of oil leaks. It also had an AX4. so upgraded to an ax5, and a no leak engine.




Yeah a few beers got drank... The 6 hrs part was awesome though. When we were almost done.. everyone had medium rare NY strips and some killer baked potatoes. Heck if the guys wanted Lobster tails and oysters.. I would have got them for them.

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Ole Jeff can do some wrenching now, can't he Pong? Hey Jeff, is that the 2 pernt 5 we pulled out of your truck?




He sure can. He is good at that meticulous stuff. I am the kind of guy that likes to muscle stuff into place. OH and yes that is his old motor/trans :yes:

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Well now the Jeep is official able to be called a driver. Fixed the charging issue... the battery was bad. Went and had the exhaust leak fixed, and got a state safety inspection done on it. Now I am officially driving a street legal jeep again :clapping:

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I am officially driving a street legal jeep


Isn't that one of the signs of the Apocolypse??




Bet your wife is happy......




It very well could be a sign.


She hasnt said much about it either way. I kinda think she still wants me to sell it. :nuts:

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Wifey actually commented on the running jeep. She asked me if she could borrow the lil pickup for the church fall festival :yes:

Please tell me she can either drive standard or its auto. my step mom came told dad once while plowing snow with our 1955 massy harris tractor"i didnt know it makes funny noises when i don't use the clutch"........ sh hasnt plowed again or drivin it without DIRECT supervision ... ever agin .

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