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TNT Y Link?

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Just curious on the pros and cons of the Y link suspension. I already called them and priced it out $1200 shipped to the middle of the pacific, Hawaii :D.


So who's running it? What are your thoughts? Do they have bushed ends or superflex joints(forgot to ask)? Are the arms are adjustable to not affect caster(forgot too)?


And anyone have any idea on what it would take to convert that belly pan from AW4 to NV3550 in the future?


I just want to get the big chunk of $$$ out of the way so I have it. Thanks

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TO me TNT makes some really nice stuff, but there system is bascially a radias arm setup. It has some unique steering and handling quirks. I personally run the RK 3 link setup. Love it, and it flexes like mad, and is very predictable if you ask me. As for a belly skid.. BUild one for the RK setup.. and would be easier to mod later on.

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The TNT is a very well built system. The belly pan is a work of art.


My buddy has one on his XJ. For him it was pretty finicky to install in regards to pinion angle and minor rubbing.


If you like and can predict the characteristics of radius arms, it is a nice system. I would recommend limit straps as well.

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I'm running it.


It uses Superflex joints, and is completely adjustable. I believe converting the bellypan would be a huge chore, why not just get the NV3550 model and do the trans swap at the same time. Installing the bellypan is way easier with no tranny/tcase in there to get in the way.


The install is quite tedious. And if you ever need to drop the bellypan, you'll need to support your front axle. Also getting to the tcase side of the front driveshaft is a b*tch.


Having said that, I love the way it rides on and offroad. All of the components are of excellent quality, and everything is very stout. I would buy this kit again in a second.

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Running it on the Wife's MJ. In my opinion it is the best "bolt on" kit available. I really like the clearance provided by the curved arms and the recessed belly pan mounts. The belly pan also helps stiffen the unibody.


The worst thing I can say about it is that there is no way to service the transmission without dropping the belly pan - which the front suspension is attached to. Fortunately that doesn't need to be done too often. Once you do it a few times it really doesn't take that long, but it still isn't something I look forward to. But I'll gladly live with that given all the other benefits.


Do they have bushed ends or superflex joints(forgot to ask)?


The control arms mount to the belly pan with superflex joints. Bushings are used at the axle end. Since it is a radius arm design the bushings are required to relieve the binding that is inherent with this suspension design.


Are the arms are adjustable to not affect caster(forgot too)?


Yes, the upper arms are adjustable so that you can change the caster angle.



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I plan to buy the NV3550 before I put in the system. I just wanted to get the system out of the way while I have $.


RK? Rock Krawler? Their triple threat system?


Rock Krawler three link jamminz.gif


If I didn't build my own stuff I would probably go with the Rock Krawler three link.

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