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2.8L Automatic - What's balanced?


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I know the 2.8L V6 as used in the early XJs and MJs was externally balanced. On the manual transmissions, that meant a "bob" weight on the flywheel. On the automatics, is the eccentric weight on the flex plate, or on the torque converter?


I *NEED* to get my '88 2.5L 4-speed on the road. Clutch is blown. I could replace the clutch, but my wife doesn't drive standard (and the vehicles appreciate the consideration!), and it would be nice if there were a truck she could use when she buys used furniture for one of her projects. I have an ad in the Classifieds looking for an automatic for a 2.5L, but it occurred to me that I have the hulk of a 2.8L out back with a transmission attached. I'd have to replace the 228 transfer case with a 231 or 207, but that's not impossible.


I know the tranny will bolt up to the block, and I assume (perhaps foolishly) that the torque converter may work, but will a 2.5L flex plate take care of the eccentric weight issues or will I have to have the torque converter neutral balanced?

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does the 2.8 bellhousing have a place for the CPS?


As a matter of fact the bellhousing on my 2.8 AX5 does have the hole for the cps and the bolt holes are threaded as well , its funny this is mentioned though as iv been in and out from under the hood of the manche so many times i never noticed ( at least as i can rember) that the hole is there and it is quite visible from the top side . needless to say the hole is geting a sheetmetal cover made to keep mud out.

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