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OTK with RHD drag link (How do thes angles look?)

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I bought a brand new RHD draglink and insert to go otk on the drivers side to reduce the operating angle, but I changed my mind and didn't fell like redoing the track bar mount on the axle. I was thinking about it more since I installed my ACOS and my Iron Rock double sheer track bar. It does not look like my angles would be that far off with the draglink OTK, and if they turn out to be bad, it looks like I can fix it with a shorter pitman arm.

Yellow line is the stock DL

Do you think I should just go for it?

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first off , toss what ever crap u bought and do your self a favor and buy the JCR OTK kit and be done with it , if thats not an option then put on the stuff u got and start saving for the JCR kit.


this is how i ran mine and i had almost no bump steer , i would have left the track bar like it was but it was severely limiting my flex so it had to go.


and this is how i modified it

i realy felt no difference in how it drove on the street but it weeled much better

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