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switching odometers from cluster to cluster....

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can it be done? ive currently got the idjit light cluster in mine with 116k on it, and with the motor swap i'll be changing it to one with the full gauge set in it that reads 141k.. is there any way to switch the odometer from one to the other without ruining it?

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You can directly change the whole speedo. You won't have the tripometer, but your odo will be accurate.


What years are your clusters?



the truck is an '88, the replacement cluster is from a 90, it's actually the one from the motor donor.. thanks for the info!

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Speedo went electronic in 91, but in mid 87 they changed how the cable clipped to the speedometer.


You'll have no problem changing clusters and retaining your current speedometer. It's also IIRC fairly easy to adjust the odometer in the Renix style clusters, so you could easily switch back to the tripo cluster if you get it changed.

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