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supertop for trucks?

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I'm not 100% sure on this but it appears that Toyota Tacoma & Ford Rangers w/ 72-73" bed are fairly close . I've looked at a number of sliding & folding tonneau sites and depending on the fastening system these 2 models are close enough to work on our SWB trucks . Try looking @ Softoppers (Colorado ) as thier system looks adjustable enough to work on MJ beds , let us know what you think of it :cheers:

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vaquaro, thanks for that post, it appears they make one for the 6ft bed MJ! Softopper Model #TN73. Now all I have to do is free up 600 bucks.


http://www.softopper.com/Softopper_Mode ... 3%20inches

See if they will give us (Comanche Club ) a deal on multibles ? image_209027.gif Maybe they will pay you a commission ($600 ) for the intro to such a fine customer base ! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :thumbsup:

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Why? Guess I could see a need if you need to remove and reinstall the topper multiple times a month or something, but what's the lifespan? Summer sun and frigid winters would eat it up petty quick. And $600? No thanks, I prefer my hard fiberglass shell. :nuts:

Thats exactly the reason I like this set up , I,ve had hard toppers but it,s APITA taking them on-off-on depending on what your hauling and the weather . I've used soft tonneaus as well ,but it's always a compromize trying to carry something "just a little too big/tall " in poor weather as well .....As to holding up to the rigors of foul weather , my boat sits open to the weather in our local marina(here on the WET coast ) with a simular top that has held up for over a decade . I recently inquired to a local marine top maker about building a topper like this and they said they couldn't make it for twice the price....Just food for thought :wavey:

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