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500 MJ

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I'm not letting our adventure planning forum go idle for a week. There has to be something going on out there noteworthy of posting up.





If nothing else, this one is for you Correy.




:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

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There's something going on this weekend...


I finally got that :mad: motor out, and so tomorrow I'm gonna finish re-sealing the new one and finish everything else on the truck, then on Sat it's going back in. So Brent, I could use a hand if you're still available. :bowdown:

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What time? The usual 10 am, or earlier? I'm up and ready by 6 am thanks to my new internal clock for the job. So I am good to go for any time you are.


I am thinking about rigging up a washing machine in my apartment. I need to buy one first though and I was planning on doing that this weekend, might go shopping for one tomorrow night after work... The short of it is that I am sick of having to go to the laundromat and I want to mess around with rigging this thing up right in my living room off of the lines to my kitchen sink and then draining it into...something. Maybe my Bathtub. I gotta exercise my manhood before "she" comes into the picture... :yes: :clapping:


We'll get your motor in first though and see where I am with time afterward. Maybe the washing machine will be the project for Sunday.

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If you do destroy the radiator, I just bought a gently used RENIX one on craigslist for my '88. The radiator in it doesn't look to have much life left. Although it is nowhere near as rough as the finless one you have in that Red MJ.


The cooling issues are gone now that I have a good cap on the bottle for the '90.


:clapping: http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_1260 ... e=Top-Load

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Brent, If you come down my way, there is a sears appliance outlet / scratch and dent. I picked up one of these super-high efficent magnet driven (no motor) high-efficency washers there for $369.




Spins the clothes so fast on spin dry it sounds like a jet, and the lid actually has a auto lock on it to keep idiots from getting hurt. :brows:


That, and the clothes are practically dry when they come out. Less money spent on the gas bill for the dryer.

Rob L. :D

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Be honest, did you win?


"It's a clean Pickup, you don't see many of those around anymore."


Ha - We do everyday! :rotfl2:






For the record, I stopped into the DMV tonight after work and licensed both trucks in Wisconsin and I am an official Wisconsin Driver now too. Got a regular "truck" plate for the '90 and a "hobbyist" plate for the '88. :yes:


Out the door at $452. :wall: Dang.

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As promised:




I came off of the supply lines to the sink with T compression fittings and then used a 3/4" to 3/8" reducer to jump up in size. Whenever I use it I have to plug it in and not use my kitchen sink (for obvious electrical hazard reasons). I also run my drain hose to the bathtub cause there ain't no way my sink will take the volume of water in the machine. It takes a while to fill with the small 3/8" supply, but it still beats going into town to do laundry.


Works well, done 4 loads in it so far. :clapping:

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