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site going down....


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I am going to let this site go.


I thought there was room for 2 MJ sites, it seems I was wrong. This is a last pitch effort to keep the site alive, without activity, I won't be renewing next year and will let the site go. I don't own an MJ any longer, and havent for a while. I kept the site up and running for you guys. Pete has done a fantastic job, and my goal was never to take it over from him, I just thought the internet was lacking sites/forums for MJ's.


no sad "bye" at this point as it still has a few months to float without costing me extra... just thought you guys would like the opportunity to save an MJ site, as you are all about saving these trucks.



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Sorry to hear this, more sorry to hear your not one of the brotherhood any longer!! What happened to the MJ?? I noticed your absent recently, but just figured you where spending more time on your site. Admittedly I wasn't there too much, but it looked good and seemed to have potential.


Any thank you for the heads up, don't be a stranger to CC.


BTW, wasn't that NH fall crawl this weekend??



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i sold the MJ to a guy in my club after i realized that my modifications made it impossible to drive on the street and I don't own a trailer. 2 weeks later it actually broke in half - front and rear lockers and rusty bedframe/unibody section caused it to tee pee itself on some rocks. But they guy fixed it and had it on the trail the next weekend. It has since been sold again and I don't know where it is any more.


(sorry for bringing this back from the dead, but I don't come too much)


I have moved onto full size wheeling (1990 dodge ramcharger), and am learning that it might be a little too big for most our trails.... I guess I will let the trail make my rig smaller :D


here's some youtubes - I swear the video don't do the trail any justice, even though I guess it wasnt that tough. This was the maiden voyage I litterally drove it right to the trail and spent the day out there. No disconnecting the sway bar, no airing down... right to the trail!


Next time I will have a little more time to "prepair" :)




(I recommend lots and lots of volume... you gotta love V8's!)



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