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4.0 rallye package gauge cluster on a 2.5

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The 84 thru 86 (or maybe thru the first half of the 87 model run) do NOT have an adjustable potentiometer. From 87 thru 90 the tach has a potentiometer and the speedo uses a different cable than the 84 thru 86 models. 91+ should have the potentiometer but also uses an electronic speedometer so the 91+ cluster can't be used in a pre-91 vehicle.

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Except for the metric speedo, that's what my Comanche had. Swapped full cluster with tach in, and sold the old one to Zoolander, I believe, right before his truck got in an accident.


ps: no offense, I just can't remember your actual screen name.

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it looks like this its from a 88 4.0 no tach

Yeah, with no tach it'll work. You will need to replace the oil pressure sender and the coolant temperature sender (the one on the left rear corner of the head, NOT the one on the side of the block) with the corresponding parts for gauges.

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