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will a early 90s front axle work on my 87?

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i had a loud vibration comming outa the front of my truck so i took it to my local mechanic and found out i had a bent front axle. i have a parts 93 cherokee and i was wondering if the front axle outa that will work in my 87? if not does anyone know where i could find a front axle?


Woody :wall:

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your 87 should have 3.55 gears,if the XJ is a 4.0L auto it could as well.


have you looked to see if the tags are still on the diffs? it should say the gear ratio as long as the tags are there and you can still read them.


I would start there then you could look further to confirm.

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You'll need to use the new axle's brakes, so don't just pull the calipers off the axle and re-use them. The axle will bolt on directly with no problems, but you're going to a different brake generation.


Also, the 93 axle will be a non-disconnect, which will be a nice upgrade for you. Make sure you pull the vac lines going from the T-case to the CAD on your old axle, and cap the ports on the T-case with vacuum caps.


And yes... your gear ratios must match. If they don't, you're going to hear some fun noises if you try to use 4wd.

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Pay close attention to what Geonovast wrote.


To expand on that: Over the years Jeep made several changes to the hubs, rotors, calipers, and steering knuckles. If you start to mix and match, you create problems. The '93 front axle will bolt right into your '87, BUT you have to use EVERYTHING from the '93 axle, including the calipers, and down the road you have to remember when buying parts (calipers, pads, hubs) to buy for the '93 axle rather than for the '87 vehicle.


I've posted the rundown several times of what changes were made in what years. Gotta leave for work so I don't have time to search for it again.

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