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  1. whatever i guess ur just an amc god and know way more then i do :bowdown:
  2. also i know ur trying to go all amc but a mustang 5 speed is definatly better trans and it basically bolts up with a different bellhousing. guys in amxs do it all the time its prolly something to look into
  3. Just wondering why u are going with a 290? all amc blocks are the same and a 360 has alot more aftermarket parts and were made all the way till 91. a guy in my car club has a 401 in his and it puts out just under 500 hp. other then that this truck sounds like it will be sick!!! :cheers:
  4. :bowdown: Redline MTL So where do you buy this stuff, cost? and how much do I need? Can it be added to what I have or do I have to empty it all and replace?
  5. we are putting a 5 spd in it. We can't find GL4 Only GL4 and GL5 royal purple. Is that OK to use???
  6. what is the correct oil to put in the my 5 spd trans? Doesn't look like 90w.
  7. My jeep Doors seem to be leaking i think its bc the weather stripping around the doors are worn out... so my question is where is the best place to find replacements? :dunno: Thanks, Woody
  8. YES!!!! Please help out a local AMC guy. I live just 30-40 minutes from Woodstock and didn't hear about this until 2 weeks ago. A guy on this site called me and wanted to know more about AMC stuff, I shared my info. but he would not tell me how to contact the person directly. He said he would give me info and meet him there. That never happened and I really need 1972 Gremlin bumpers and door handles! All help would really be great! My home number is 815-895-6518.
  9. Does anyone have information on a person selling Jeep and AMC parts around Woodstock IL? I heard that they may have parts that I need but I have no way to contact them. Did anyone post something on this site? I had a lead but I can't get my contact to return calls. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, woody
  10. u should try to get 4.10 gears for the rear if u wanna get the most power outa that drive-train but great find I'm looking forward to seeing more :popcorn:
  11. make sure you take up your carpet make sure there is still a floor there!
  12. my truck is the same thing only its a 4X4 gotta love the 4 banger 4 speed combo!
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