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Thoughts, Idea's & Opinions on this rear bumper......

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Current bumper is basic, high clearance, but doesn't offer any corner protection (old pic):


So I picked up a used (& rusty) Toyota Bumper:


It's a tight fit on the MJ:


And the wrap around tubes need to be shortened:


But I think I can make it work.


I'm also thinking of putting a winch back there (slight photochop here):


Tucking the new bumper up tight (means also widening it), and maybe moving the D-rings down, or ?? (another photochop):


So, should I leave the bumper as is, modify the Toyota tube bumper to fit, move the D-rings, etc, etc?


I really like the look of formed plate type rear bumpers better, but I have this already & it'll give me more protection than I have now.


What say you CC. :wavey:

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I guess it really is a small world. :cheers:


I didn't get to meet Ryan,

he was nice enough to drop the bumper at my MIL's house in Derry.


He made a good impression tho (I'm pretty sure she liked him better than she likes me ;) )

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I think if you take your time and do it right it will look great. I vote that you tie that bumper in to the existing one. Leave the d-ring mounts where they are. Cut the wrap-around part so it sits more flush with your body line, and call it good.

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Combo looks ok, but, it will fold like spaghetti right on the corner where the upright is located with very little side impact. Goodbye lower qtr. panel. :hmm:




I think it looks pretty good. When you shorten the corner guards you may want to think about running another tube to the frame to help support it.


If it were me I would completely get rid of the d-rings and add some shackle tabs. That way you can remove the shackles and toss them in a tool box so they don't clank around. I can't stand d-rings and shackles clanking with every bump in the road.



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Decided to abandon the tube bumper, and go a different route.


I started with this ft bumper kit:




http://ironscorpion.com/zen/index.php?m ... 70a52835ee


and closed off the receiver hole, & moved it down to make room for a winch fairlead:



Then I figured out the 61" wide bumper wasn't the best fit for a 65-66" wide (MJ) pickup bed. :doh:


So I'll have to add 2.5" per side to work right.

So the ends are just sorta stuck on there for this pic (to give an idea of what the finished product will look like) till I can come up with some strips of 3/16's to space them out:


I'll be cutting the left side clevis mount off, to make room for the license plate.

I'd really like to french the plate in (recess it), but anything I do seems to take 10x's longer now, so I'm not gonna complicate it more than it needs to be. :ack:



Winch mount will be a (flipped around) YJ plate I got with the (cheap) Mile Marker 8k (drum needs some serious 'de-rusting'):


Most of this is just mocked up for now (which is why the receiver tube is a little crooked :D ),

but the winch plate will be properly supported, and attached to the bumper mounts when it's done. :smart:

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FSJ Pickup (a J-20).


It's not done yet (I'm better at starting projects than finishing them :doh: ).


Narrowing it was easy:

chop each side down to the MJ width, strip the sheetmetal off the cut off piece, and slide back inside the tailgate.

The bottom 'hinge' point was the right diameter, but you have to cut the slot back into the gate to get it on & off.


To do the top, I cut the top off a (rusty) MJ tailgate, chopped the top off the FSJ tailgate, flanged the edge of the sheetmetal, and fit the MJ piece on.


I still haven't worked out a latch yet, but I'm gonna do something from behind, and make it so I can slap a padlock on it if I want.

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