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i'm going to be a grampa


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...he is a lazy N-word...


Every race has their slang for "worthless people". No offense taken here. My race just happens to have "White trash" and "Rednecks"... ;)


I guess the best question to ask is, is your daughter happy? :dunno:

Rob L.

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first i think she is happy she really hasn't said

n- word can be black white yellow any color

low life is a low life

and yes he is black and i've told him he is a nig a bunch of times

because of things he has done

i have a white guy a couple doors down from me i call him a nig all the time becuz he is

just as bad

i hope that didn't come off wrong lol f@#k it i don't care lol :cheers:

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Congratulations! I became a G pa two years ago next week. It's been GREAT! I have three son's, one is 20, one is 2 and the last one just turned 1on June 30th. the Grandson is 4 months younger then my 2 year old. Big gap I know but it's been fun at a young 46! :D

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Man, I'm glad you cleared that up...........Queen's is 500 miles from me.........yea, I was getting a little nerviest there when you said NY and left the C of the end........like in NYC, that a different state from us :D


Yes, I've meet you a couple of times, and No, I don't think I've pissed you off, and no, I would not want to see you pissed off :D


Well.......the best thing is to have a 'man-to-man' talk with the "father" and see what he wants to do, then you can decide how to handle him, ether welcome him, or slap the snot out of him.


Ether way, you need to make you daughter happy, which way she wants to handle this.

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