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Lower Rear Shock Mounts Problem.

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I'm in the process of lifting my Comanche. I ran into a little problem removing the rear shocks at the lower mount. After a little cussing I broke out the cutting wheel and cut the nut off because it was basically just spinning on the bolt.


What I found was the threads had rusted away to nothing which poses a problem trying to put new shocks on.


Does anyone know where I can obtain new shock pin mounts or a new ubolt plate? Weld-on would be fine.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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I could probably do that on the drivers side but someone mangled the passenger side one pretty bad..


I'm really just looking to replace them somehow.. Perhaps a trip to the junkyard is in order..


Does anyone know if the cherokee's and comanches have the same ubolt plate?

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Cut the stud completely off the plate, re-drill it for a 1/2" bolt and slip one of those metal collars into the shock bushing, and bolt it on there. You could weld the bolt to the u-bolt plate to give it a little more rigidity.

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