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Front Ford 8.8 - Yeah I said Front 8.8

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Ok guys, I've been out of the loop for a while. I took a job in Iraq, moved from Colorado (dang all those wonderful trails), my MJ is sitting all by its lonesome down at the parent's place in Texas and Dad is going to keep it going for me.


I get pretty decent leaves, so when I'm home next I plan on swapping out the front dana 30 finally. I've got an 8.8 in the rear and I've wanted a front 44 or 60 to replace the D30. But I haven't been able to find a F250/350 with an available front axle at the same time I had the money. I'm running 33's and they look smaller each time I look at them,,,,the truck is begging for bigger tires but I want a front axle that'll handle something bigger maybe 37s-39s.


Well, I'm sitting here in my hooch planning for the day I can do it, scouring the internet and I find this site:




A guy in Germany builds front Ford 8.8s. Check out the pics. I think its an interesting idea, if not novel, but also pretty strong. It would sure be unique to have an 8.8 in the front.


I emailed him and he replied right back. He said its 1000 euro (~1,400 Greenbacks) for the housing and about 300 for shipping from Germany to TX. He said he's stopped making them because he is so busy but has one left. The one in the picture doesn't have the upper control arm attaching points. I've sent him a follow up question to confirm if he puts them on or not,,,my gut is telling me that you must use the uppers or your axle will get out from underneath the Jeep under torque. That is unless it is designed to use some other tri-link style set up. I don't know that yet, still waiting on his reply. I also asked him about the axle shafts and the outers that are supposed to go with it.


Right now, this isn't my first option, I'm still looking for a leaf sprung HP 44 or 60 from a F250 or F350. (Actually Dad is doing the looking while I'm out of the country,,,I think) If I can't find one, then I'll go with a HP 44 out of an F150 like Pete's ride. But since I saw this, I'm wondering if its worth it. Plus its fun to think about crazy jeep mods no matter if they come true or not - right!. jamminz.gif


I've seen decked out HP 44s and HP60s cost a lot more than what he's asking and I think the strength would be at least comparable (or close to and acceptable given the cost). Plus there's the novelty factor to think about too.....me and a couple of buds - doing this :cheers: on the hood of my MJ - and me telling BS stories like, "yeah the front 8.8 was a rare option that you had special order, and I was dating the daughter of one of the Ford Executives at the time..." you know????


So what do you think? Is this a viable option considering cost and I don't have a welder, resources, or the time? Just throwin it out there....

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My concerns would be:

-low pinion

-where do I get spare parts? What's Jeep?, What's Ford?, and most importantly, what joins the two?

plus u-joints if it's the same as the d-30, it's not a worthwhile upgrade in my opinion.

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you don't have to go to germany to find that. many people build hybrid axles, you can tube any 3rd member you want, and weld on the "c" for the knuckle. obviously not diy for most people, you can take all the measurements and make an existing shaft work, and essentially every part would be available at a parts store.


xtreme 4x4 built a 14 bolt front axle on one of their projects.

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Bad idea. An 8.8 isn't good for 39s, IMHO. A hybrid that uses D30 or D44 parts won't be either.


Buy a D60. A HP ford one works great. The 'desirable' 78-79 ones (or whatever they are) are not desirable for use in a MJ/XJ, don't pay extra for one. Narrow if desired.


Or, for about $399 you can get a bare 9" housing. Cut to length (they will do it for you), press on some Cs, add a third member, knuckles, shafts, etc. Do whatever. A HP third is a good idea, but mucho $$$.

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