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Man, thats one nice truck you have jamminz.gif


The exhaust certainly sounded better than the "Comanche with Stacks". A little louder than I like the 4.0. Sounded crisp though, that is good.

The Jeep with stacks sounds just like a Oliver 550 gas tractor we have! lol

The flowtech sounds real good.

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It probably sounds much better in person, also.

Not bad, not bad at all.


Thanks guys, and it does, I just got this new camera and I'm still trying to figure things out with it.

I think it was just a tad too close, but I didn't want to do it again.

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Sound pretty good. I have a "custom" exhaust on my mj.......I took the cat off and pounded out all the goodies, cut the muffler off and welded a cherry bomb on after the cat then put a turn down before my rear axle ....sounds fantastic, but my mpg suffered because my foot got alot heaver due to the noise :brows: :yes:

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